We want to start the blog telling you who we are and what is Yesnatural, because we believe it is important that you know the enthusiasm and passion that we have put into this project.

Before the explosion of e-commerce, when you decided to open a store, you set up in a physical place where the customers went personally and you could be in contact with them face to face. Every time they visited your establishment, you could greet them, smile at them, chat with them while preparing the order, etc. In this way you were getting to know them and, little by little, an emotional connection was being created.

Currently this has changed. The online world has replaced the person-person relationship by the brand-person relationship. Instead of interacting with the shopkeeper or clerk we enter a web where we go clicking on different buttons and visiting different pages to configure our order and make the payment. If the usability and accessibility of the page is correct, we can perform the entire purchase process without establishing communication with any other individual. However, behind each brand and each online platform there is still a person or group of people who put all their effort and enthusiasm into doing a good job that satisfies their clients and, if possible, that contributes to improve the society where we live.

In YesNatural we do not want the human side of our company to be lost and, therefore, we want to briefly summarize who we are and what prompted us to create this online store of 100% natural superfoods.

The start of YesNatural

The project arises at the initiative of a group of athletes, doctors and other health professionals. Our goal was to find a combination of natural products, with ecological certification, that provided us with the necessary nutrients to achieve greater sports performance and, at the same time, enhanced our health, beauty and inner well-being.

Motivated by this desire, in 2008 we began to conduct research on natural and ecological products that could be incorporated into our diet and fulfill our objective.

Results of the investigations

After years of work and exhaustive studies of ethnobotany and ethnomedicine we were able to find what we were looking for. The result was a selection of natural foods with significant amounts of micronutrients that really improved our physical and mental health.

Our research had been successful and now we only had to offer all these superfoods to those people who share with us the desire to improve their sports performance and, at the same time, take care of their health and beauty, both inside and outside.

Application of superfoods and Ganoderma

The current habits of life (stress, tobacco, alcohol, poor diet) as well as external aggressions from the cities where we live (pollution) are causing in our body a series of imbalances that damage its well-being.

Our products have different properties that help to compensate all those aggressions that we live on a daily basis helping to restore the balance in our body.

Ganoderma, commonly called “fungus of longevity”, is a powerful antioxidant highly recommended to treat cellular hyperoxidation. On the other hand, Chía and Chlorella work as reinforcement for our immune system. These are some of the superfoods we have selected and some of their properties. To see all the products we offer as well as the benefits they bring to our organism, you can visit our store.

We have been really surprised with the various properties of each superfood and its results. All our studies corroborate the benefits that the incorporation of these food supplements to our diet imply for our body. If you are concerned about your physical and psychological well-being, we encourage you to try and prove it for yourself.