It is not just about something aesthetic, we all know that our weight is a reflection of our wellbeing and that keeping in shape is a way of taking care of our health.

When controlling the weight come into play two factors: exercise and nutrition. In this post we will focus on food and how some foods can help us design an effective diet to feel good.


Problems when controlling the weight

We are usually so busy with work, domestic chores, caring for children … we often opt for fast foods that allow us to satisfy hunger but do not really provide us with the nutrients our body needs to face day to day.

These foods, far from giving us energy, combat physical wear and counteract the effect of oxidation, harm our health, as they tend to contain a high amount of toxins that damage our organs. In the end that inner “malaise” affects our physical appearance, we gain weight and our skin shows the effect of poor diet.

Our reflection in these cases is always the same, “if I had more time I would eat well, but I am so tied up that it is impossible”, therefore we decide to solve the problem by reducing the amount of food we eat. This solution, while allowing us to combat those extra kilos, does not achieve the ultimate goal, which should be to enhance our well-being.

So, what can we do to control the weight and at the same time take care of our health?

First of all, we must be clear that eating well does not always mean that we have to spend hours in the kitchen, but we can get it by paying attention to the products we take and developing a diet that ensures all the nutrients we need every day.

Nor it is about changing all our habits overnight and replacing everything we have in the pantry, but gradually introducing new foods and eating habits that allow us to strengthen our body.

To make the task easier, here we suggest some foods that can be very useful when you are following a diet of weight loss.


This fruit from the Amazon jungle is a great ally when we want to control weight as it has an anorectic effect, that is, it is an appetite suppressant. In addition, guarana activates the metabolism of fats, so it helps us to eliminate them in a more effective way.

On the other hand, this superfood has a high concentration of caffeine and thanks to that it improves our physical and mental activity and, consequently, enhances our sense of well-being.

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Spirluina is a microscopic algae that grows in fresh water. Its high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals have earned it the classification of superfood. This, added to its low level of calories, makes it an excellent option in weight loss diets since it manages to provide a large amount of nutrients barely consuming calories.

Besides, it has satiating effect, so it is recommended to take it before meals.

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Wheat grass

The use of this superfood when losing weight is due to properties similar to those of spirulina. Wheat grass, consumed by the oriental world for thousands of years, also provides large amounts of nutrients, is low in calories and has satiating power.

On the other hand, its content in dietary fiber is very high, which significantly improves the functioning of the digestive system.

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Pea protein

Protein intake is very important when you are following a weight loss diet as it often tends to center the diet in the consumption of vegetables that although they provide vitamins and minerals fail to provide an adequate amount of protein. This type of feeding results in a loss of muscle tension so it worsens our physical appearance.

The pea protein is a good option to supply that deficit since it also has a very low glycemic index, what prevents our appetite from returning quickly.

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A balanced diet is the key

Finally, we would like to remind you that in order to control weight and keep us healthy at the same time it is important to be constant. This does not mean that we have to suppress all our “cravings”, nothing further from the truth. We simply have to keep in mind that the important thing is to maintain a balanced diet on a regular basis, which allows us to enjoy while taking care of ourselves. It is useless to spend weeks and weeks of excesses, carrying on with a season of strict diet and then starting over with excesses. Maybe we will not get fat but we will be far from achieving the desired wellbeing.