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Super Foods very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fibers, proteins, carbohydrates.

Yes Natural preparations FOR CHAMPIONS have been developed to improve physical performance and maintain an optimal state of health and well-being.

Maintaining our health philosophy, we only work with 100% natural and organic foods that, in addition to the benefits they bring to our health care, are cultivated in a way that respects nature and the environment.


24,95 IVA Incl.

Nutritional preparation designed by YesNatural.

  • Helps the athlete prepare before physical activity.
  • Its combination of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins helps the athlete to prepare their muscles for exercise, avoid injuries, promote oxygenation of tissues, protect the bones and strengthen the immune system.

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The best selection of Super Foods for athletes

Very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fibers, proteins, carbohydrates. Selection of Super Foods that guarantee us the necessary nutrients to improve our performance, health and well-being.


Maintaining our health philosophy, we only work with 100% natural and organic foods that, in addition to the benefits they bring to our health care, are cultivated in a way that respects nature and the environment.


Dec. 2014 – January 2015
José González & Emilio Hernandez

“In this journey, the ocean takes you to the limit of your strength, there you are aware of how .”


Tooth of the Giant & Mount Eiger
Alejandro Ortuño

“YESNATUAL products are natural, light weight and provide me with enough energy to face any ascent. I make my mixes for before, during and after the climbs.”


Josemi & Alex

“In an ascent expedition the physical and mental effort is maximum, therefore we need to have all our energy needs covered in the most comfortable and light way possible, the YESNATURAL products fulfilled our needs, in a natural, healthy way with an easy and fast assimilation by our body.”


Chile & Bolivia

“When you make a trip crossing unknown countries and places we can not leave our food at random from what we find. We assure ourselves a complete feeding with the products of YESNATURAL, and then what comes …”



“In my trekking days I hydrate myself with the shakes that I prepare from YESNATURAL, they never fail me.”


TRAIL ANETO POSETS 2014 Races – Paloma Ortuño

“YESNATURAL products allow me to prepare the most appropriate mix for each situation. The hope, the desire to surpass myself and YESNATURAL allowed me to finish and get on the podium of this tough race.”


Francisco Ortuño

“When I am flying, the most comfortable, healthy and easy, it is to hydrate and nourish myself with the smoothies that I prepare from YESNATURAL.”


Alex & Josemi

“When you have to carry your food over a large wall, YESNATURAL products are valued, easy to prepare, light, and they provide you in a natural and fast way everything you need to run at full speed without losing heart.”


YesNatural has calculated its preparations to complement the main nutritional needs of a high performance athlete.

Our preparations provide specific nutrients, based on the body’s demand at each stage of the competition.


  • 5th absolute position in the Canfranc Canfranc marathon
  • Champion of Aragón of vertical km category promise
  • 4th absolute position in the 2KV Collarada
  • Champion of the Cup of Spain of vertical km junior category


2014-2015 (mountain skiing)

  • 12th place cup of Spain and the world of junior mountain skiing in individual race in Font Blanca
  • 8th place cup of Spain and the world of junior mountain skiing in vertical race in Font Blanca
  • 7th place in the Spanish junior championship in the individual race in Boí
  • 4th place in the Spanish junior championship for couples in Vall D’aran
  • Champion of Aragón of mountain ski junior in individual race



  • 2nd absolute place in the 2KV Collarada
  • 3rd place in the cup of Spain of km vertical junior
  • 19th absolute place and 1st sub 23 in KV Zegama
  • 8th absolute place and 1º junior in comapedrosa skyrace, from the National Skyrruning Series
  • 2nd absolute place in the Canfranc Canfranc marathon
  • 8th absolute place in the Ultra Pirineu marathon
  • Champion of the Aragon Cup of Junior Mountain Racing
  • 33rd absolute place in the world cup in Limone Extreme, Italy, and 2nd junior.


2015-2016 (Mountain skiing)

  • 6th sub 23 and 17 absolute in the cup of Spain of chronoclimb in Baqueira
  • 6th sub 23 and 14 absolute in the Spanish Cup sprint in Baqueira
  • 7th sub 23 in the chronoclimb Spain championship in Cerler
  • Champion of Aragón of chronoclimb sub23 and 10 absolute



  • Champion of Spain of races for mountain sub 23
  • 1º absolute 2KV Collarada
  • 1º absolute of the 3 stages of the international festival of trail running pyrenees fit, 1º absolute set.
  • 1st absolute in KV Canfranc descent
  • 1st absolute combined race mountain ski and Candanchú rackets



  • 1st promise trail des grands crus (France)
  • 1st absolute in the 3 stages of the international trail running festival PirineosFit 2017
  • 2nd absolute 2KV collarada
  • World record of vertical km of descent
  • 1st absolute 2k trail tena valley
  • 2nd absolute marathon Canfranc-Canfranc 2017

YEAR 2017

  • Currently leader of the Running Mountain classification of the Murcian Athletics Federation (FAMU)


YEAR 2016

  • 3º Classified in the General of the Running Mountain League of the Murcian Athletics Federation (FAMU).


Mountain races with podium of the General

  • 19-08-17 2nd in XIII CROSS MINERO LLANO BEAL 8.5 KM
  • 08-07-17 3rd in PIRINEOS FIT EXPERIENCE 2017
  • 08-07-17 Champion in teams PIRINEOS FIT EXPERIENCE 2017
  • 01-04-17 3rd in teams VIII RUTA DE LAS FORTALEZAS 53 KM
  • 12-02-17 3rd on V Trail San Jorge Dragon 30 km
  • 05-02-17 2nd on V Trail La Aljorra 22 km 2nd General
  • 21-01-17 Champion II Majal Blanco Mountain Race 15 km
  • 15-01-17 Champion II Race of Explorers of Cieza 18 km
  • 25-09-16 3rd on III Gavilán Trail 11 km
  • 10-09-16 2nd in II Cresta del Gallo Trail 8 km.
  • 06-03-16 3rd in IV Nogalte Extreme Trail 13 km
  • 27-02-16 Champion in VII Popular Race of San José 10 km
  • 07-02-16 2nd IV Trail La Aljorra 22 km
  • 20-10-15 Champion in I Walking White Runners Blanca 16 km
  • 11-10-15 3rd in III Cresta del Gallo Running Day 12 km


Mountain races with podium of category

  • 25-02-17 VII Ultra trail Yecla 60 KM 3rd VETERAN B
  • 12-03-17 III Nogalte Trail Extreme 25 km 3rd VETERAN B
  • 26-03-17 VI Serranía Librilla 21 km 2nd VETERAN B
  • 19-11-16 Anibal Epic Trail 21,100 Km 3rd VETERAN A
  • 13-11-16 II Walking White Runners Blanca 16 km 2nd VETERAN A
  • 30-10-16 Caravaca Trail Experience 34 km 1st TEAMS
  • 09-10-16 IV Cresta del Gallo Running Day 12 km 2nd VETERAN A
  • 06-18-16 II Legua Huertana Los Ramos 3rd VETERAN A
  • 29-05-16 III Route and Race Mountain Pliego 2nd VETERAN A
  • 10-01-16 I Scout Race Cieza 3rd VETERAN A

I am Igone Campos, a mountain runner in summer and a mountain skier in winter, but above all a lover of mountains and nature. I live in a small town in Gipuzkoa, called Zumárraga, which is surrounded by small mountains. In my day-to-day I move through them, but whenever I can I travel to the Pyrenees or the Alps to know new corners, train, compete or venture into new experiences. In turn, I also like to compete since it is a way to know my body and see where my limits are and of course, enjoy!

This is how I have done in the last competitions in which I have participated:


Trail running:

  • * 11th in Ring of Steall Skyrace (2017, 29km, skyrunning world cup)
  • * 4th in Skyrace Tromso (2017, 32km)
  • * 4th in Mamores Vertical Kilometer (2016, 5km)
  • * 2nd in Trail Valle de Tena (2017, 21km)
  • * 2nd in Buelta al Ultimo Bucardo (2017, 23km)
  • * 2nd in Pyrenees fit (2017, 3 stages of 21km-ko)



  • * 1st in the Euskadi Cup (2017)
  • * 2nd in the individual and vertical Euskadi championship (2017)
  • * 1st in the Euskadi championship in pairs (2017)
  • * 3rd in the Altitoy Ternua (2017)

For the body to work before all this effort, apart from training well, a correct diet is very important. I love eating, but eating real, ecological food and, if possible, of vegetable origin. That is why I joined YesNatural, because they have high quality products, organic and of vegetable origin which give your body enough energy to train and compete, and help you recover faster in a natural way

My name is Ander Gaviña Churruca, I was born on 12/29/1999, I was born and I live in Vitoria-Gasteiz and I love everything related to nature and sports. My two specialties are trail running and skymountainnering. Apart from that, I train triathlon combining it with mountain training during the week.

Since I was little I’ve been in the mountain with my father and so it comes my love for it. When I was 4 years old, I climbed the Gorbea for the first time, a 1,114 meters high mountain that is over here, close to my home.

The most recent thing I have in the track record is the following:

  • Champion of Euskadi junior 2017
  • Third place in the “Pyrenees Fit”
  • Second vertical position Fuente Dé in “the cup of the world”
  • Third in the individual font blanca (ski world cup).
  • Euskadi Junior Champion in Altito in skiing
  • Champions of ski couples in the “Carrera Regil” (Fuente Dé).

I chose the YesNatural brand because I liked how it worked, and especially the products that it treats that are totally natural and give you a lot when it comes to nurturing yourself on a daily basis or in face of any objective or competition you have and above all that we have to know how to differentiate between good and bad things if we want to continue enjoying sport in the future just like I am doing now.

I want to continue enjoying sport in the future just like I am doing now

I am Ernest López Puigvert, a 20 years old triathlete and international mountain skier. I have been practicing high level sport for 6 years and training in different technification centers: Mountain Ski Technification Center of Catalonia and in the San Cugat CAR (2014-2016) in triathlon.

Next, the most outstanding results of my last years:

  • 3rd of Catalonia Junior of Chronoclimb and individual of Ski of Mountain 2017.
  • 4th of Spain Individual Ski Mountain.
  • Champion of Catalonia Sub-23 Triathlon and Duathlon.
  • Top 20 Spanish Championship Triathlon by 1st division club

Finally we finish the mountain league with the goal accomplished, a promise and almost certainly among the top 10 in the absolute, we will soon know.

We finished this league in the “Dragon Challage” a race that was the first in which I exceeded the 30 km barrier, and as if it were not enough, reaching 32.6 km in ascent since it was an acumulative positive incline of 1,500 m and a negative incline of only 160 m. A race in which as usual I started fast, but controlling by doing a first part of 10 km, at 52:50 passing the partial of 20 km, 3 min. faster. Maintained more or less the pace until km 25 where it was the last refreshment, and from where the forces began to fall, holding up to km 27 and from there I ran out of strength and I keep trying to run when I was caught by another companion but it was already impossible, losing in the last 5 km up to 5 positions.

But in spite of everything it was not bad, goal achieved, first promise and 12 of the general, about to make less than 3 hours, making a final time of 3: 00’44 “(5:33 min / km) and with very good feelings despite those last 5 km which became eternal.

Just after the season, already thinking about the next that we will start, the Regional 10km championship in the town of Caravaca in just 3 weeks.

Again, thanks to my club @ADAYeclano and my sponsors Electrón Servicios Eléctricos, Seguros Mario Marco and


Eva Ortuño

“In this hard and demanding sport I am helped by YESNATURAL green smoothie mixes, easy to make and pleasant to drink when I’m hydrating, I prepare my mixes depending on if I’m training, in competition, or I need to recover after a hard workout.”


A good nutrition can not replace incorrect training or a regular physical form, but an inadequate diet does noticeably impair performance in a well-trained athlete.

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