Moringa, the tree of life

Moringa oleifera is a deciduous tree with white perfumed flowers.

They call it “the tree of life” and it is also known by the name of Moringa.

This tree with great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties comes from the north of India, and its growth is so fast that it has become the most desired vegetable of disadvantaged and poor areas, to alleviate malnutrition. Since it can hardly be found a more complete vegetable than Moringa.

It contains 49 antioxidant and 36 anti-inflammatory active ingredients. 19 amino acids (6 of the 9 essential).

Its leaves contain such amount of nutritious wealth that its consumption has become an effective alternative to supply the deficiencies caused by the low quality and quantity of the food, reaching to improve the nutritious consumption in countries like Senegal, India, Mexico, or Malawi. Thus, becoming the most nutritious local food.

Action Against Hunger

This organization dedicates an extensive article about this powerful plant, and in its title they describe it as << an ally in the fight against malnutrition >>. This interesting statement honors its properties and its applications. << Moringa is presented as an important vector in the fight against malnutrition and poverty, with applications in nutrition, water treatment, hygiene and income generation, strategic sectors in turn for Action Against Hunger >>. Hence, it is considered the food of the future.

Fortunately, due to its great ability to adapt to almost any type of soil, and its easy growth, even in areas of high seasonal dryness, it has been possible to distribute this plant in warm and temperate zones of Asia, Latin America and Africa.

** The information presented is informative, never prescriptive.

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