Highly energetic

The lucuma is the fruit of the tree called lucuma (Pouteria lucuma).

This fruit native to the Andean valleys of Peru is rich in Iron and Niacin, a magnificent ally against depression, which improves our intellectual performance.

Small and round, green on the outside and orange on the inside … If it were a riddle, there would be no doubt that we are talking about the Lucuma. We just need to say that it has a sweet and delicious taste, similar to the taste of vanilla.

And it is that this fruit with low sugar content has become so popular, that is not missing in the high pastry kitchens from around the world, to sweeten their cakes, naturally.

This fruit is granted a large number of applications and benefits related to nutrition and health. Hence, the Peruvian state body (COPROBA) declared it as one of the flagship products of Peru; strengthening its great nutritional value in the large international markets

The ancestral fruit of the Incas

But before this vegetable species was a flagship product, the previous cultures of the Incas already knew their virtues. Archaeological findings evidence its consumption in the 8th millennium a. C.

This date impresses, since already in the year 8,000 B. C. the pre-Inca civilization represented so precious fruit in its sculptures and ceramics. Hence, it is called “The sweet gold of the Incas.”

The Moche culture represented the Lucuma in its art. Fruit of the great fascination they felt towards it.

** The information presented is informative, never prescriptive.

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