Wheat grass, the pact with youth

“The superfood that grows under our feet”

A gift of nature increasingly desired for its detoxifying and depurative effects on our body.

Wheat grass is a tender bud that is obtained when the wheat seed has the highest mineral and nutritive value: “At the time of germination.”

Wheat (Triticum sativum) is a cereal of the well-known grass family. Its original name Triticum means broken, and it is due to the separation process that has to be carried out to obtain the grain.

Its history, and the fields it covers, are full of life, as much as our body when we decide to include it in our daily diet.

hierba de trigo

“Its high nutritional benefits took us to a key moment in history”

The moment in which the human being decides to cultivate it. At that moment the two made a pact. The pact that changed the future of humanity and promised through the earth, to wheat the perpetuity of its benefits. That moment was for us the change of a way of life: The end of prehistory and the beginning of a sedentary life.

After studies carried out, it is estimated that about 10,000 years ago, began its domestic cultivation in South Asia. Nowadays it could be said that wheat grass is one of the most cultivated plants in the world.

This green magic full of nutrients lived in ancient Mesopotamia, eased the digestion and muscular pains of the inhabitants of Asia. It sailed until it reached the West and here it was the subject of different studies.

In the year 1930 the agronomist Charles F. Schanbel, carried out an experiment with sick chickens. The result was so positive that recommended the consumption of wheat grass to his family, also concluded that they should consume it when it was at an exact moment of maturation. The agronomist went on to say that “a kilo of fresh wheat grass has the same nutritional value as 23 kilos of roasted vegetables“.

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