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Spirulina The NASA supplement

Spirulina maxima is a unicellular microscopic alga with a peculiar blue-green color. The green color is given by chlorophyll and the blue color by phycocyanin.

Its name and its great health benefits were known when it was used in NASA as a supplement in the diet of astronauts, when they were on space missions.

Its consumption was a success.

But before, long before this alga now known as “blue gold” was chosen by NASA nutritionists, the Aztecs discovered their secret.

Its history goes back more than 3,500 million years

This microscopic seaweed that lives in alkaline lakes, where the conditions for the growth of other organisms are practically unviable, makes it an alga of great beneficial properties for our health.

It all started in Lake Texcoco (Mexico). There they lived the first communities of Aztec settlement, and formed next to the great lake, the city of Tenochtitlan. One day they discovered that the algae that floated in their waters gave them the energy they needed to make long journeys. From their discovery, they began to dry the algae, and once dried, they made some cakes with them. These cakes with great energetic properties were composed of Spirulina, and they became an important complement to their diet.

** The information presented is informative, never prescriptive.

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