The offering of the gods

Raw cocoa is a superfood with amazing benefits for our physical, mental and emotional health.

Cocoa is the seed of a tree called Theobroma cacao. Also known as “cacaotero”.

This tree lives in the Amazon basin. The tropic is his favorite place, and extends to southern Mexico.

Always happy and blooming, look for shade in bigger trees like the coconut tree. If you see it you will identify it by the shape of its fruit, an elongated berry that takes about six months to mature, and meanwhile, it transforms its color. It always starts with the color green and then changes to colors ranging from yellow or red to purple or blue. Each of these fruits contains sweet cocoa seeds with a white pulp.

Cocoa never falls to the ground when it is ripe. So if we want to benefit from its nutritional properties we have to collect it

Theobroma means in Greek “food of the gods”

The Mayans in the 10th century BC cultivated the raw cacao. For them it symbolized longevity and physical vigor. Its seeds were used as coins. And they created a drink that was exclusive for their kings and nobles. They prepared it with cocoa, chili, herbs, fruits and flowers. They came to use its seeds for therapeutic purposes. They celebrated a festival, every year in spring, to honor the god of cocoa, (Ek Chuah). The Aztecs continued with similar traditions, honoring their cocoa god.

In Europe this precious fruit was not known until the year 1.519. It was Hernán Cortés, on one of his trips, when he arrived in present-day Mexico City, and found Emperor Moctezuma with arks full of cocoa seeds. The emperor offered him as a drink, in a golden glass, a mixture of cocoa with ground corn and aphrodisiacs, the most distinguished drink to give him a divine reception.

** The information presented is informative, never prescriptive.

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