azúcar de coco

Nutrients that sweeten

The coconut is the seed of the fruit of the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera). The palm tree that is most cultivated in the world.

This palm tree likes to live in the tropical and subtropical islands of the Pacific Ocean. Although its cultivation has spread throughout the Caribbean, Central America and tropical Africa.

There are places, like the southeast of Mexico that are full of coconut trees, so many that their coconuts accumulate on the ground.

From its flower is extracted a sap that, once evaporated, gives us a sugar with a texture similar to natural cane sugar.

Coconut sugar, when obtained by evaporation, maintains a large part of the nutrients of its flower, and this natural process allows it to be rich in minerals and amino acids. In addition, it does not need, for its elaboration, any chemical component. So it is a highly recommended sweetener for health. Hence, it is considered a superfood.

This sugar contains more nutrients than the rest of sweeteners, such as honey or sugar cane.

azúcar de coco

Low glycemic index

If we compare its glycemic index (IG 35), with honey (IG 87), or with white or brown sugar (IG 70), we see that it is a natural sweetener with a glycemic index so low, that its consumption is suitable for diabetics type 2. Besides beneficial for people who want to balance blood sugar levels.

Foods that contain a low glycemic index favor the reduction of blood glucose levels after their intake. This way, we ensure a good response from insulin (the hormone that secretes the pancreas and regulates sugar levels).

On the contrary, when the food contains a high glycemic index, its habitual intake can cause problems of diabetes, even of obesity.

azúcar de coco

** The information presented is informative, never prescriptive.

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