Wheat grass as alkalizing

Wheat grass is distinguished by being an alkalizing food of the blood.

From its juice you get 70% chlorophyll and very high values of carotene.

Due to its great contribution of phytonutrients it is an easily absorbed superfood. In addition, it is rich in B vitamins, C, D, E, H (biotin) and vitamin K. It is also rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, cobalt and zinc.

With this large volume of micronutrients, we can say that wheat grass helps prevent the common nutritional deficit.

The National Cancer Institute defines alkalization on its website << as a process that reduces the dose of acid in a solution >>. Continues to report the benefits of lowering the high concentrations of acidification, caused by the intake of drugs or having suffered certain conditions.

Scientific studies

Chlorophyll grass is highly alkalizing [2].

In an investigation carried out with laboratory mice, it was found that after inducing mercury in animals, the wheat grass extract significantly improved the alterations caused by the induction of mercury. Therefore, based on the research carried out, it was concluded that the wheat grass extract significantly modified the biochemical alteration [3].

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[2] Marwara et al 2004. Jugo de pasto de trigo reduce los requerimientos de transfusión en pacientes con talasemia mayor (tipo de anemia hemolítica hereditaria).

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Modificación de las alteraciones bioquímicas inducidas por mercurio por Triticum Aestivum Linn en ratas.

Lakshmi BV , Sudhakar M , Nireesha G .

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