Ganoderma to fight hepatitis

It has been proven that Ganoderma is an effective hepatoprotective.

Hepatoprotective properties

Ganoderma contributes to the reduction of liver fibrosis that occurs in the body after intoxications such as alcoholism or any other form of hepatitis, whether toxic or viral.

There are more clinical studies every day that are carried out to verify the effectiveness of Ganoderma lucidum in countries like China, since it is usually taken as a treatment to fight chronic hepatitis. In treatments lasting 2 to 14 weeks, an effectiveness of 70 to 98% has been proven [1].

In studies carried out on mice with induced hepatitis, the damages produced in the liver were eliminated through a continuous consumption of this fungus, favoring at the same time the regeneration of the liver [2].

Today, there are enough human trials whose results show Ganoderma lucidum as an effective treatment against hepatitis [3].

The extract of Ganoderma restores the biochemical parameters of the blood that show the degree of liver damage. In addition, it limits the activity of beta-glucuronidase, an enzyme that it is found at very high levels when there is damage to the liver, including inflammation, cirrhosis and jaundice [4].

Scientific studies.

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