Ganoderma as a natural detoxifier

It has been proven that Ganoderma lucidum helps to eliminate toxins from our body, gives us health and lengthens our lives.

Toxicology is the science that is responsible for studying the relationship between biological structure and environmental toxins [1].

Every day we expose ourselves to a lot of toxic agents. And whether physical, chemical or biological, all cause harmful effects on our health. We are talking about biochemical and physiological effects that in some cases, have become even genetic.

We expose ourselves to agrochemicals and toxins full of chemical particles and heavy metals that are present in water, food and the environment. That is, they are present in our life.

Our body eliminates toxins through the kidneys, the liver, the skin, and the lungs. And it expels them through breathing, urine, feces and sweat. Also through the drainage system called lymphatic system.

Scientific studies

The Ganoderma lucidum contains Organic Germanium at high concentration levels [2].

Germanium was discovered by Clemens Winkler, a German chemist, at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays, and after many studies, it is considered an adaptogen with great capacities to transport oxygen through the blood, through the cell membrane, reaching the cells, restoring its functions, stimulating the immune system and detoxifying [3] our organism , eliminating harmful substances and heavy metals.

Properties of the Organic Germanium:

  1. Great capability to eliminate toxins from our body.
  2. Dispose of heavy metals.
  3. Improves blood circulation.
  4. Strengthens the immune system.

[1] La toxicidad de los medicamentos herbarios chinos Veterinaria.Fuente: American Journal de Medicina Veterinaria Tradicional China. Aug2011, Vol. 6 Número 2, p45-53. 9p. 4 Gráficas.Autor (s): Huisheng Xie

[2]   World Health Publishing Inc. Red Reishi, How an ancient herbal treasure can benefit your health today. 2003

[3] Chiu SW, Wang ZM, Leung TM, Moore D. Nutritional value of ganoderma extract and assessment of its genotoxicityand antigenotoxicity using comet assays of mouse lymphocytes. Food Chem Toxicol 2000 FebMar;38(2-3):173-8


If you are looking for Ganoderma as an detoxifying we can offer you the following products:

Ganoderma is recommended for its antioxidant action and especially for different moods, such as insomnia, anxiety and stress.

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