Ganoderma as a natural antihistamine

Allergic reactions are becoming more common. In fact, approximately 40% of the population in the world, suffers from an allergic disease.

The result is worrying.

Genetic transmissions, environmental pollution caused by the gases of cars, airplanes and chemicals. The use of pesticides and extreme hygiene are the main carriers of this disease that can lead to death.

Allergic reactions can occur mildly or severely. The majority of these reactions occur during exposure to the allergen or after a few seconds, although there are reactions that occur later, as is the case of food consumption.

The substances that most often cause allergic reactions are:

  • The mites.
  • Pollen (with chemical particles attached).
  • The spores of mould.
  • Hairs and animal dander. (Horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds …)
  • Some medications (Aines, penicillin …)
  • Certain foods.
  • The bites of some insects.

Each body is a world and allergies are an extensive field that vary continuously in an uncontrolled way.

Anaphylaxis is the most severe reaction that occurs suddenly after exposure to the allergen. The affected person can die if he does not receive immediate medical attention. Therefore, the response must be rapid, and the means to solve this disease must be at least alarming.

Scientific studies

Scientific studies

Many years have been dedicated to research in order to demonstrate the properties of Ganoderma, including antihistamines.

Luckily, it has been proven after experimental studies that the consumption of Ganoderma lucidum helps to mitigate the symptoms of allergic reactions, such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes, skin rashes, swelling of the eyes, lips and tongue, difficulty swallowing and dizziness.

In this way, Ganoderma would act like any antihistamine or corticosteroid but with the advantage of having no side effects and without producng the adverse and common effects in this type of medicine.

This is because the triterpenes and the ganoderic acids contained in Ganoderma lucidum act as modulators of our immune system while inhibiting the release of histamine, thus demonstrating the positive impact of the fungus on inflammatory processes and allergies.

In turn, it has been shown that the Lanostan, also found in the fungus, normalizes our immune system and its effects are similar to those produced by antihistamines and cortisone.

In a trial carried out in more than 90 people with severe bronchial asthma treated with prednisone, it was concluded that an herbal medicine in which Ganodema lucium was included appeared to be an effective alternative treatment for the treatment of asthma. In addition, after the treatment, it was found that there were no adverse reactions. The opposite of treatment with prednisone

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If you are looking for Ganoderma as an antihistamine we can offer you the following products:

Ganoderma is recommended for its antioxidant action and especially for different moods, such as insomnia, anxiety and stress.

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