Spirulina as an improvement of physical performance

An alga with great benefits:

Rich in Vitamins:

  • It contains vitamin A, E, H, K, B12, B1 and B2.

Rich in Minerals:

  • It contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and iodine.

High protein content:

  • Corresponds to 70% vegetable protein. This high value supposes a percentage of protein very superior to the meat of bovine or to the one of pork with a minimum caloric contribution.
  • It develops muscle mass due to its high protein content.

It improves the performance of athletes, students and people with great physical exhaustion.

This is due to its content in group B vitamins, helping the recovery process as the vitamins that belong to this group are large producers of energy.

A clinical study with a controlled follow-up [1] carried out with 13 athletes in Chile, specifically weightlifting athletes of both sexes, has confirmed the improvement of results in the bicipital crease, body fat and bone mass after consuming 10 grams of spirulina maxima a day, for 12 months before and after performing physical exercise.

The work supports [2] the efficacy of this microalga as a supplement for high performance athletes.

After showing a significant change in the decrease of subcutaneous adipose tissue and an increase in muscle tissue, the study is considered positive and the consumption of Spirulina is recommended as a natural and totally healthy option for athletes in the country [3].

A high performance athlete needs a totally balanced diet. Spirulina gives us everything our body needs to obtain energy, strength and recovery.

Scientific studies

[1]  Suplementacion de Espirulina máxima en deportistas de Halterofilia de la ciudad de Iquique (Chile). Efectos corporales, bioquímicos y rendimiento deportivo.

José Vargas López, Marco A. Vega, Sammy Murillo Salas & Alberto Shamosh Halabe

Nutricionista, Máster en Actividad física y salud©.

Doctor Ciencias Biológicas.  Profesor de Educación Física, Entrenador y técnico en Halterofilia CER Iquique.  Gerente general Empresa Solarium Biotechnology, Economista.


[2]  Preventive effects of Spirulina platensis on skeletal muscle damage under exercise- induced oxidative stress. Hsueh-Kuan Lu · Chin-Cheng Hsieh · Jen-Jung Hsu · Yuh-Kuan Yang · Hong-Nong Chou. Eur J Appl Physiol 98:220–226 DOI 10.1007/s00421-006-0263-0 International Journal of the Physical Sciences Vol. 6(12), 18 June, 2011 ISSN 1992-1950 ©2011 Academic Journals


[3]  Collier S R, Collins E, Kanaley J A. Oral arginine attenuates the growth hormone response to resistance exercise. J Appl Physiol 2006; 101: 848-52

If you are looking for Spirulina as an improvement of physical performance we can offer you the following products:

Ganoderma is recommended for its antioxidant action and especially for different moods, such as insomnia, anxiety and stress.

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