Spirulina to treat anemia

Spirulina maxima, iron dressed in green

It is not enough to eat well, you also have to know how to feed yourself.

Iron is an essential mineral for the organism.

Among its functions, include:

  • Transport oxygen from the blood to the whole body.
  • It ensures that the liver functions correctly.
  • It is an endogenous antioxidant that participates in the neutralization of oxygen atoms that fight the chain action of free radicals (big enemies of our body).
  • It exerts immunological activity.
  • It facilitates the formation of hemoglobin.
  • Prevents fatigue.
  • Tones the blood
  • It prevents from possible diseases.

Our body loses a large amount of iron daily. Each day a fertile woman can lose up to 2 mg and a man from 0.5 to 0.7 mg. This amount must be recovered or the lack of this mineral can cause from slight upheavals to serious illnesses.

But we can not always recover its lack. It must be bound to proteins to be rapidly distributed in the blood. There are certain foods such as legumes and vegetables that we need the intake of vitamin C to increase the absorption of their iron.

Since one of the nutrients that facilitates the fixation of this mineral is Vitamin C

Hence there are two different types of iron, the hemic (absorbent) that we find in animal products and the non-heme (hardly absorbed) found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals

Lack of iron can cause anemia.

Its symptoms are the following:

  • A weak immune system
  • Little resistance to infections.
  • Brain dysfunction
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Headaches.
  • Lack of energy (fatigue)
  • Pallor.
  • Infections
  • Learning problems in childhood.
  • Growth and behavior problems.
  • Blows.
  • Arrhythmias
  • Heart failure.


Vegetarians, vegans, people who make hypocaloric diets to reduce weight, or Crohn’s patients are more likely to suffer from anemia.


Spirulina is a microorganism with large amounts of iron.

In recent years, conclusive research has been carried out that has reinforced the knowledge about this microalga in processes of deficit due to lack of iron.

A clinical trial [1] carried out with eight women who presented a case of hypochromic anemia showed a satisfactory result of increased hemoglobin in the blood. After 30 days of treatment with Spirulina, the eight women no longer had any anemic symptoms.

The Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology of the University of California clinic, together with the Department of Medicine IRCCS of Milan and the Department of Food Science and Technology of the University of California, after raising the hypothesis that Spirulina maxima could improve anemia and immunosenescence [2] in elderly people with anemic history, conducted an investigation [3] with 40 volunteers of both sexes all older than 50 years. During the 12 weeks that the study lasted, the participants received a supplement of Spirulina. The conclusive data reaffirmed the hypothesis, and after the culmination of the investigation, all the members of the Universities that were part of the process, suggested that Spirulina compensates anemia and immunosenescence [4].

Scientific studies

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