“Recovery is the basis of the next training”

Not recovering properly can cause a disaster in sports performance.

“Every workout counts”

One competition leads to another, and so on. In each exercise we give everything to achieve, each time, better results.

We give importance to clothes, to shoes, to temperature … because it is so. But what about our muscles?

We change our shoes, the shirt, a pant for a more comfortable or breathable one, but muscles, are part of our body and are not to use and throw. On the contrary, they are the great protagonists of our results.

Recovering our muscles after each exercise, is essential to achieve adequate progress in our workouts, and there are several factors that we must take into account for our muscles to grow and develop.

“Recovery is the basis of the next training”

Not recovering properly can cause a disaster in sports performance.

In YesNatural we have developed a nutritional preparation that helps the athlete to recover after physical exercise.

The goal of our 100% natural and ecological formula is to help the athlete recover after physical activity, by providing:

      • The proteins needed to recover our muscles.
      • The micronutrients necessary for optimal and quick recovery.
      • Recovery of the right pH by minimizing the damage caused by lactic acid.
      • Minimizing injuries caused by some type of wear.
      • Strengthening the immune system.

In addition, it contains a large amount of antioxidants, responsible for neutralizing free radicals that make us age and deteriorate our body.

“Factors to have strong and healthy muscles”

  1. Proteins.
      • It is convenient to take them immediately after finishing the training, competition or any physical test.
      • We can find quality ones and without some of the inflammatory components in raw nuts, mushrooms, dried legumes and nutritional preparations.
      • Fundamental in the regeneration of our muscles after the stress caused by the great physical effort.
      • They help generate new muscle fibers.
      • They favor a strong and resistant bodybuilding.
  1. Carbohydrates.
      • They favor muscle recovery.
      • They are responsible for recovering the energy consumed during the exercise.
      • They help the restitution of glucose.
      • They prevent our body from entering catabolism, thus preventing the destruction of our muscles.
  1. The perfect combination.
      • At the end of the exercise, we must recover the energy we lost during training. For this, the best is a combination of proteins with carbohydrates, which help us replenish glucose, nourish our muscles and recover energy.

“An immediate regenerator”

El producto POST COMPETITION, elaborado por el equipo de YesNatural, ha sido elaborado para tomar inmediatamente después del ejercicio físico. Sus compuestos actúan como grandes regeneradores.

Su rica composición en hidratos de carbono, proteínas, vitaminas, minerales y antioxidantes ayudan al deportista a:

  • Reducir el estrés post competición, al activar la producción de serotonina.
  • Favorecer la regeneración del músculo y recuperación de articulaciones y ligamentos, debido a los aminoácidos, vitaminas y minerales.
  • Recuperar la energía rápidamente, por la combinación de Hidratos de carbono.
  • Potenciar y recuperar el sistema inmunológico, por su contenido en beta-carotenos, vitaminas, minerales y antioxidantes.

Aconsejamos diluir 1 sobre en unos 700 ml de líquido (50 a 70%) con zumo de manzana o leches vegetales (50 a 30%). También se puede tomar con agua.

En YesNatural te recomendamos evitar un sobre entrenamiento, nutrir tu cuerpo después de realizar ejercicio, descansar y marcar unas buenas pautas de entrenamiento.

Al cuerpo… solo hay que escucharlo bien !

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