The mushroom of longevity

Ganoderma lucidum is a leathery fungus with a beautiful appearance.

They call “the mushroom of longevity” and it is also known by the name of reishi.

This fungus with great antioxidant benefits is mainly composed of three parts:

A hat with a peculiar form of kidney, shaft and spores

What makes this species so special is that it grows on the trunks of oak trees. It feeds on its nutrients and those of the natural environment in which it grows. This gives it unique medicinal properties.

His favorite places are the tropical forests of the Asia region. If one day you walk through its forests and you find a Ganoderma, you will recognize it by its peculiar mahogany orange hat, so intense that when you look at it you will feel its power.

It grows at any time of the year. That means we can always enjoy their medicinal gifts.


A mushroom with a lot of history

We could write a thousand stories about his long existence, but now we’re just going to talk about his story, the real one, the one that really matters to us. As only his name: reishi (Gods herb) invites us to study the life of this healing mushroom.

The most distant data are collected in the year 200 BC, in the oldest book in China, where it is cited as a species with natural properties superior to ginseng

Years passed when it appeared in the book “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” The oldest exhibition of the Chinese pharmacopoeia. This book details the medicinal substances by category, giving priority to the most curative. In it we find the Ganoderma lucidum in the highest category

The imperial family kept the secret of the reishi mushroom with great care. Chinese accounts say that it was so appreciated by the emperors that the kingdom sent its soldiers to seek reishi in the forests. Since it was a species difficult to find


** The information presented is informative, never prescriptive.

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