“We help the athlete in every step ... in every achievement”

It is not easy, we know it. That is why we help the athlete to fulfill his dreams.

“Compete to win”

With the nutritional preparations made by YesNatural, competing is winning.

Prepared exclusively for the time of competition, we ensure the greatest contribution in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and proteins … All the micronutrients needed to perform an elite exercise.

A great source of energy, which in addition to avoiding dehydration, balances our organism and prepares us to win.

Our formula has been made exclusively with natural foods, lyophilized in cold. A process that allows us to elaborate the product, conserving its micronutrients better. In this way, we keep their nutritional properties intact.

“We are our best instructors”

A workout, a competition … When we train, we do it to get a mark, and every workout counts. All are important. When we compete we want to get the best position. We want to be the best, hence, so many intense training.  The day arrives and we must focus so that our body and mind are trained.

Getting an emotional balance is as important as being physically prepared. Therefore, in YesNatural we give you some tips to improve your physical performance during the competition:

  • To focus on the objective. Our mind suffers less and our achievement is greater.
  • To visualize in the mind what we want to achieve (Our goal or objective).
  • To be positive and believe in us and in our capacity.
  • To focus on achievements we can get. Once reached, we will go to another level.
  • Enjoying our achievements allows us to move forward.
  • To listen to our negative internal instructions and change them to positive ones. Now, we must ensure that they are few and brief.

In addition to establishing emotional guidelines, we must maintain an intense preparation, based on motivation, effort and nutrition.

“We help the athlete in every step … in every achievement”

It is not easy, we know it. That is why we help the athlete to fulfill his dreams.

  • Our 100% natural and organic nutritional preparations help in the competition to:
      • Improve the performance of the athlete during the development of physical activity.
      • Provide energy.
      • Provide micronutrients.
      • Maintain an adequate PH.
      • Minimize injuries due to wear.
      • Maintain the immune system in optimal conditions.
      • Provide a large amount of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals.
  • Nutritional preparations composed of fast-burning carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins that help the athlete to:
      • Increase resistance, helping the body adapt to stress situations.
      • Maintain easy nutrition of the muscles.
      • To favor the oxygenation of tissues, by optimizing iron levels.
      • Protect yourself from the negative effect of free radicals during competition.
      • Avoid the demineralization of the body, due to its important contribution of minerals and alkalizing effect.
      • Improve muscle contraction, due to actin, arginine and myosin.

“Hydration matters”

Good hydration helps maintain an adequate level of blood glucose. Necessary factor to obtain a good physical result during the competition.

  • For physical activities of less than one hour, it will be sufficient to drink about 500 ml of water before, during and after the competition.
  • If we compete for more than 60 minutes, it is important to avoid dehydration by drinking every 10 minutes, approx. The more we sweat the more we will have to drink. We should not wait to be thirsty, because it is an indicator of the principle of dehydration.
  • If we compete more than 4 hours we should take drinks with sodium to prevent hyponatremia.

It is important to avoid the intake of liquids during moments of high respiratory frequency, because at that moment our body needs oxygen and when we drink, at that moment, we are depriving it of its great need.

Our COMPETITION product has been created by our YesNatural team to be your great road companion.

We recommend you to dilute 1 sachet in about 700 ml of liquid (50 to 70%) with apple juice or vegetable milk (50 to 30%). It can also be taken only with water.

The rest, it depends on you.

** The information presented is informative, never prescriptive.

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